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Food and drinkEdit

Much of New Bloxxia's catering scene comprises of fast food chains and food stands/ vendors. One of the most dominant fast food chains within the city are the Cluckin' Bell franchises. Their restaurants can be found in several locations across the city. Food and drink vendors can also be found in many locations, as well as a few hamburger vendors around New Bloxxia, mostly in Munsee Park.

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New Bloxxia has A LOT of clothing stores. But heres some of the most dominant brands in NB: Bloxxhats, Didier Sachs, Verdi, and Ranch. Bloxxhats sells Verdi, Didier Sachs, and Ranch.

There are also stores that sell only one brand. These stores have usually a "larger than normal" collection of clothing.

Semi is a new brand in the city. It has just been developed. There are Semi stores being built, but for now, Semi is not available to buy.