New Bloxxia first began when the Dutch sent out English explorer Alfred West to find a new location for them to sell pepper in 1609 and he sailed to the West river. The Dutch became a colony and soon Europeans travelled to city to find what freedom was truly like in the colony of New Robloxia which promised convenience stores and public hangings aswell as a slave trade craze which swept the colony every since the very first ship load of slaves. Eventually, the English set sail for the colony, which was based on the slender island named Munsee after an old Indian word. Soon the English expanded the colonies by eradicating natives and took over a new island for the colony. It consisted of 2 main areas. North and South. It also was named after an indian word. Mohawk. So at this era there was Mohawk Island and Munsee Island.


As the Munsee island Startel growing and growing, the mohawk island was just being populated. The British and the Americans fought in what was to be known as the American revolution for freedom from taxes, and after recieving a statue of a Robloxian holding a coke can. The Americans won and removed the Union Jack and melting the statue of King George into chains, toilet seats and gold teeth. Slavery was soon outlawed in New Bloxxia. The politicians of New Bloxxia moved to Roblox City when New Bloxxia's status as the capital of the nation was removed and given to Roblox City. Frederick O' Fitzpatrick decided to head to the south and teach them a lesson after tensions risen and a civil war was on the horizon, but before doing so constructed Munsee Park. Beyond the tranquility, people were tired of living in black and white and riots ensued, which didn't help with a civil war looming.


After Frederick O' Fitzpatrick passed away, the city had a new leader, Horatio West. He was Alfred West`s grand grand son. As he bought more and more army to conquer new areas from the indians, some of the old Dutch city founders became to move to Mohawk.

As the same story continued for 350 years, 1941 there was the Great War. Also Known as the Great War of Robloxia. As the Leander of Blue Robloxia ( Harry Blah ) began to gain more and more power, the leader of Red Robloxia( Erik Ost ) was already arranging his troops into the Great Robloxia border. 1942 the actual war starter after the Reds started shooting with tanks to the Blue`s side. Soon after that, Harry Blah had a speech in the New Bloxxia government hall. He said: "Once we were fallen, once we will rise from this dungeon of war.". That was propably one of the most couraging moments in New Bloxxia`s history. 1945 when the war ended,

the city`s new mayor was elected. he was James Bond( not the movie character ).

After that the city has had 3 mayors:

- Mike Bloxx (1945-1955)

- John Block (1955-1980)

- Alfred Huntington (1980-2000).